You must be 19 years of age or older to enter this facility. We check ID if someone appears to be 30 and under. Valid Government Issued Photo ID is required.

In an effort to maintain regulatory compliance, all guests twenty one (21) years of age and younger will be required to produce a second piece of identification. A valid piece of secondary Identification contains the same name as the Primary given. This can include anything issued by a Government Institution, Birth Certificate, Medicare, Bank Card, Credit Card, University ID, Membership with a photo (Costco, YMCA, etc). Membership cards without a photo (Coffee Club Cards, Gym Membership, Casino Rewards Club) are not valid forms of secondary Identification.

New Brunswick Regulations prohibit customers from gaming or remaining at a gaming facility if they appear to be intoxicated or if they are showing signs of intoxication.

Consumption, smoking or vaping of cannabis is prohibited on property (smoking or vaping of tobacco is permitted in designated smoking areas only).
No outside food and/or beverages are permitted to be brought into this facility.

Dress code is in effect.

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT is in use at all times.

Recording equipment, calculators, computers and other electrical or mechanical devices are not permitted to be used on the gaming floor.

Note: Any Identification verification can involve the request for a secondary piece. It is up to the discretion of the Security Officer enforcing the rules of entry to accept or deny entry based off the policies listed above.

Casino New Brunswick offers a Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program to those who feel it will assist them. PLEASE NOTE: Individuals enrolled in this program who continues to attend the facility WILL FORFEIT any and all winnings while enrolled in the program.