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An Acoustic Evening with Joel Plaskett Introducing singer/songwriter JM Ferland (Land of Lions)

DATE Thu October 05, 2023 Thursday 05 October 2023 Door Time: 6:30PM Show Time: 7:30 pm

VIP package $74.99 (plus HST and Service Fee) included: Front Row Seat Ticket (to be picked up on night of show), Early Entrance, VIP beverage line and Meet & Greet with Joel.

Floor seats and Accessible : $49.99 (plus HST and Service Fee)

Bleachers: $54.99 (plus HST and Service Fee)


Tickets on sale NOW!

Age restriction: All ages

Tickets can be purchased online by clicking the button above or by phone at 1-888-311-9090.


An Acoustic evening with Joel Plaskett
Introducing singer/songwriter JM Ferland (Land of Lions)

Music can have a beneficial effect on dopamine, which is linked to feelings of pleasure, and oxytocin, the so-called “love hormone”  and with this in mind, the Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick in Moncton is partnering with Casino New Brunswick to hold An Acoustic Evening with Joel Plaskett, on Thursday, October 5, 2023.

In a world increasingly connected—and disconnected — by digital mediums, Joel Plaskett prefers to make his connections the old-fashioned way, building community at his studio and shop, dedicating himself to the art and authenticity of songwriting and analog recording processes, and moving audiences with the electrifying, uplifting experience of live performance. In all aspects of his work, Plaskett embraces both the communal and individual experiences music provides. The ways music and words combine to connect with the listener, turning a minute into a moment out of time, reminding us that we aren’t alone.

Music is a great mood booster!  Coming out of the pandemic, where people were sad, stressed, and isolated, people are turning to music to help boost their mental well-being.  Come feel the love!

This event is a fundraiser for mental health in the Moncton and surrounding area.  All funds raised stays local to help provide educational mental wellness programs and services to the community.

Mental health, now more than ever, needs your support… be part of the solution!


Opening Act: Jean-Matthieu Ferland

“Introducing singer/songwriter Jean-Matthieu Ferland (affectionally known as J-M) a military veteran with a developed passion for songwriting and performing his original songs, along with songs that have inspired him from his life experiences.


J-M Bio:

Spiritually and Humanly raw, like an up-close trip into the human soul, J-M plays his own original music with his collaboration: Land of Lions. Real, heartfelt and with hints of grunge and folk, J-M has his own way delivering stories and songs.”

Following a path alongside serendipity, CAF veteran Jean-Matthieu Ferland has re-invented himself as a singer/songwriter. He started to learn to play and sing music well into his thirties and since then has been writing songs through a collaboration of family, friends, and other musicians that the universe put on his path. This collaboration is called: Land of Lions

From busking in the streets with open guitar case to art galleries, pubs and cafes and different festivals, J-M is always looking for beautiful places to play, like a painter looks for landscapes.

He is also the founder of Project Alive, a fellowship of veteran artists that supports and enables its community through resources and opportunities.

When he puts down the guitar J-M is interested in all the different art forms and, though completely out of context, he is the founder and head coach of a women’s high school hockey team.”



Front Row Seating

Please note when selecting front row seats that the artist(s) MAY ask or choose to invite the audience to the front of the stage. Note that should this happen, your view may be obstructed, and no refunds will be issued.